Book Review: Gypsy by Sibella Court

One of my favourite photographers is Sibella Court. I might be wrong, but I think she has the perfect life. She travels the world and shares the most beautiful photos from remote places and natural wonders. Whenever I want to be transported somewhere beautiful and day dream about stunning places, I open my instagram and go to her feed of photos. That is also why I always look forward to her next book. After Nomad and Bowerbird I was curious how she would top those, because I feel Bowerbird especially was gorgeous.

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In her latest book; Gypsy, a world of colour and interiors, you are drawn into her world of travels inspired by the colours of her destinations Ecuador and Galapagos; the moody highlands of Scotland; the wild woods of Transylvania; the Iznik tiles of Turkey; and the ancient tranquillity of Indochine. But Gypsy is more than a book with travel photos. The book features Sibella′s unique styling and interiors that inspire you to interpret faraway lands in your own styling. She shows how to create your own colour palettes from what you have around you or from found treasures, and through simple, practical and surprising ways how to use those palettes to create interiors layered with stories, experiences and meaning. 2014-01-11 16.20.36Gypsy_chap2-indochine_p74 2014-01-11 16.21.26

Colours, scents and shapes and forms inspire her in her styling. It made me realize that you don’t need to buy souvenirs. You can just take photos and recreate the atmosphere with colours, shapes and materials that you encountered during your journey. Sibella Court even gives tips to use the Pantone app to capture the right colour for later reference. As always, Court has inspired me, and broadened my horizon to how to incorporate my traveling in my interior.Gypsy_chap3-Turkey_p123 gypsy Sibella CourtGypsy_Extras_0003

For more of Sibella, visit her Sydney store The Society Inc or follow her on Pinterest or on Instagram @sibellacourt 

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