Trend: Art Deco Patterned Wallpaper

If I were to name my most loved interior design styles I would say Art Deco, Hollywood Regency style, and Coastal. To my loyal readers this should come as no big surprise because I have written about Art Deco before e.g. about the Art Deco exhibition I visited two months ago, or Miami's Art Deco tour on South Beach. So to find out that Art Deco is 2018's interior trend is such a delight to me. Although it's a contemporary interpretation of the original early 1900s style, it still adapts the … [Read more...]

Trend: Day beds

On hot summer days and sultry evenings, the best thing to do is lounge and relax with a good glass of wine. The newest trend, day beds, are just the thing for that. Day beds are a crossover between a bed, a chaise longue, and sofa. They are ideally used to take a nap in a common room other than the bed room. Day beds can make a great addition to any space. There are many contemporary designs out there, in all price ranges. Even IKEA has some nice day beds available. If you have a design day bed, … [Read more...]

Trend: Surfboards as a Style Statement in the Room

Surfboards are no longer just for the sporty dudettes, and wanderlust backpacking free-spirited. Latest home decor trend is to use the boards as a style statement in your interior. Because of the many designs the surfboards can spruce up any home style, whether it be industrial, coastal, or contemporary. You can opt to either let it blend in with the space's colour scheme, or create contrast and a focal point by adding a pop of colour or a bold design. My top 5 favourite and most … [Read more...]

Glam up your Ikea cabinets with Superfront

I'm totally smitten with the designs by Superfront. The brand Superfront designs and makes fronts, handles, legs, and tops for the common Ikea cabinets. Think of a luxury looking door, a marble top, or a brass handle. In just a few simple steps you can transform your Ikea cabinet into a new and expensive looking design piece. The doors, handles, and tops are compatible with Pax wardrobes, the kitchen doors and drawer fronts with Metod and Faktum kitchens, and there are doors for Bestå sideboards … [Read more...]

Enter The Loft, home of Mr Benjamin

Be amazed by the interior design of The Loft, an annual pop-up loft/showroom in Amsterdam where you can soak up interior inspiration and buy each item and everything on display.  From the furniture to the flooring and wall paint, and from the kitchen utensils to the bed linens and bathroom essentials. The Loft is a living catalog of interior design wanna-haves. This year, the loft is the home of fictional Mr Benjamin. Mr Benjamin seems an intellectual who loves reading books, music, and … [Read more...]

The BOOM Lamp

As the days are getting shorter, I have to turn on my lights earlier than a few weeks ago. That made me think of a lamp I discovered a while ago at one of my favourite home decor stores Emma Biemans Interieur in Leiden. I frequently drop in for a chat and to browse her chic and stylish home decor items.(read my blog post about the shop here). Emma pointed out the design lamp above the table, called the BOOM lamp. Boom means tree in Dutch. Designer of the BOOM is Erwin Slierings. He wanted to … [Read more...]

IKEA 2016 catalog launch

Earlier this week I was invited to the IKEA 2016 catalog launch luncheon. This annual event for press and bloggers is always a treat because we get to see a preview of the new collection up close and personal while also sampling the newest IKEA food additions (e.g. this year they introduced frozen yoghurt, fruity water, and vegetarian balls). IKEA couldn't have picked a better place to launch their new catalog and collection: Pavilion PUUR in Amsterdam. The location evoked a remote Scandinavian … [Read more...]