IKEA 2016 catalog launch

Earlier this week I was invited to the IKEA 2016 catalog launch luncheon. This annual event for press and bloggers is always a treat because we get to see a preview of the new collection up close and personal while also sampling the newest IKEA food additions (e.g. this year they introduced frozen yoghurt, fruity water, and vegetarian balls). IKEA couldn’t have picked a better place to launch their new catalog and collection: Pavilion PUUR in Amsterdam. The location evoked a remote Scandinavian place with a pale blue cabin as a backdrop for an outdoor lunch. Between the small hills we encountered clay shacks that were decorated with the 2016 collection. But the name itself PUUR, which means pure, summed up what IKEA aims for this year: pure, healthy eating, and pure, natural materials and colours in their designs.


For the 2016 catalog and collection, IKEA chose to focus on the kitchen and food. It is nowadays the space where we get together as a family to cook, eat, and converse. ‘Attention makes everything better’ is the core value. Attention for one another, but also for the details in your interior, because according to IKEA, attention for the details makes things special. There were many new items, but I would like to focus on 3 that I liked best: the birch wood and acacia wooden kitchen collection, the storage and pickling collection, and the SITTNING tablesetting collection.



I loved the way the solid wooden kitchen furniture and accessories were styled outdoors. Although my personal taste for a kitchen is more sophisticated, I could imagine this set up in the garden to create an outdoor kitchen and place to gather with friends and family.

IMG_6362IMG_6361IMG_6426ikea buitenlampenIMG_6421ikea lampioenenIMG_6357IMG_6423

IKEA shows that storing and pickling your food can be beautiful too. IKEA is, and will always be best in storage solutions, in my opinion. They also introduced their latest addition to their food section: fruity water with less added sugars in flavours raspberry, pear, and lemon.

IMG_6332IMG_6340ikea weckpotten

And last but not least, the SITTNING tablesetting collection. A beautiful collection of acacia wooden and marble items, glass and textiles. The collection celebrates gatherings with your loved ones. The colour palette consists of greys, ochre-yellow, pale pink and black. I can’t wait to visit the store and extend my tablesetting and kitchen collection after seeing this, what about you?


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