Trend: Surfboards as a Style Statement in the Room

Surfboards are no longer just for the sporty dudettes, and wanderlust backpacking free-spirited. Latest home decor trend is to use the boards as a style statement in your interior. Because of the many designs the surfboards can spruce up any home style, whether it be industrial, coastal, or contemporary. You can opt to either let it blend in with the space’s colour scheme, or create contrast and a focal point by adding a pop of colour or a bold design.


surfboard interior 2 surfboard interior

surfboard collage

My top 5 favourite and most stylish picks are 1.Boom-art limited edition floral art 504 series,  2. Chanel boards in black and white, 3. colorful art boards by Boom-art,  4. a Ralph Lauren timeless and elegant board, and 5. the dramatic signature style Kelly Wearstler boards.

surfboard 6 surfboard 7boomartdesignboom01ralph lauren surfboardsurfboard 5

photo sources: 1 ZW6 interior 2. Real Living Magazine 3.Interior Design Magazine  4 Domain Home

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