Discover the Colours and Flavours of Turkish Food

Turkish food

If there is one thing I will never forget about my trip to Turkey a few weeks ago, it was the delicious food. Ever since I came back I’m desperately trying to relive the breakfasts and lunches by copying the dishes and using the food I took with me as a souvenir. I brought back local olives, honey, dried herbs, and olive oils, nuts and a big chunk of hard feta cheese.(Did you know you have hard and soft feta cheese? The hard one tastes like an aged cheese version of the soft feta cheese).

My journey of the Turkish flavours and colours started at the local farmers market in Datca. Besides produce and all other above mentioned local products, there were a lot of fabrics stalls with hamam towels, embroidery items for the table, and table cloths. Furthermore a lot of sweet delicacies, grains and beans and dried flowers and herbs.

Turkish marketIMG_3633IMG_3632IMG_3634Turkish market

Once we arrived at our fantastic villa, Villa Olivio (blog about the villa coming soon), we quickly tossed the ingredients together to create a delightful light supper. The Turkish bread is as we know it from the markets in the Netherlands, just in a different shape. Somehow tomatoes, cucumber and plums taste totally different in Turkey, much more flavour, although I do think the spectacular panoramic view in front of me while eating also had an influence in tickling my senses.

To make it an even more pleasurable experience we styled the table with a rustic olive wooden cutting board and spoon from Storebror, and the dried flowers we scored at the farmers market. It was one of those moments that I consider life’s little luxuries! IMG_8469-2IMG_8463-2IMG_8473-2IMG_8468-2IMG_8478-2

#spon – The cuttingboard was a gift. Nonetheless, I only share products or recommend place I like and are good for my readers.

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