Coffee moment in Turkish porcelain

Coffee, can’t live without it. I really need to start the day with a cup (or 2, or 3) of black and sweet coffee. The rest of the day I’m good with tea with an exceptional latte when I have meetings at good coffee places. During my trip to Turkey last week, I got to try Turkish coffee. Quite honestly, not my thing! But what I did like, where the typical Turkish coffee pots. Turkish ceramic design studio Mosantimetre has taken the authentic coffee culture to a new era with beautiful porcelain collections of coffee pots, cups and beakers. [continue reading after jump]

Turkish porcelain
I’m so excited about the Mosantimetre coffee pot that still has that traditional and recognizable shape, but with a quirky twist: an olive sprig handle. The pot is good for two cups of coffee, and it comes in a lot of colour options. Since I like to drink coffee from a mug, I use the delicate porcelain coffee cup and saucer in pale blue as a stylish sugar bowl, but I do think it’s the perfect espresso cup. The Beykoz Constantine glass, which I use for coffee, is actually an ice cream glass or wine glass. It’s reminiscent of, as the name suggests, beakers used in the Constantine era. All items come in many colors.
Turkish coffee moment
To complete the Turkish coffee moment I serve everything on an olive wooden board by Storebror with Turkish baklava, sweets and sugared nuts. A piece of Turkey, at home, what a luxury!
Turkish design

#spon – The porcelain was a gift. Nonetheless, I only share products or recommend places I like and are good for my readers.

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