A Stroll in Jardin des Plantes in Paris

Paris is always a good idea, especially during Indian summer, early autumn. It’s less crowded with tourists, temperatures are nice, and the turning of the leafs makes the city extra magical. Paris is also extra special on Sunday mornings, when the streets are almost desolated except for an occasional dog-walker or early bird. A wonderful place to go to on Sundays is the Jardin des Plantes where I encountered a whole other spectacle: tens of people jogging through the gorgeous, green and colorful gardens. In the end, I spent almost three hours in the gardens, and still hadn’t seen everything. It is truly a serene and tranquil haven full of beautiful flowers, herbs, plants (tropical and domestic) and even some vegetables.

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The Jardin des Plantes consists of 11 sections that make up the complete garden, a.o. a botanical garden, an alpine garden boasting over 2,000 mountain plant species, two huge green houses with tropical plants, palm trees, and cacti, a rose garden, a garden with perennials and irises, and a garden of peonies. The green houses are beautifully set up as if you’re in a tropical jungle. During my visit I could still enjoy the sunflowers at the end of their blooming season, while the vegetable and fruit garden was overflowing with growing pumpkins and gourds.
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I had a relaxing stroll through the gardens. Around noon, the joggers made way for families who were also enjoying a peaceful Sunday with their loved ones amongst nature’s beauty. After three hours, I decided to continue on to the Jardin du Luxembourg, but I promised myself to return to this stunning place on my next trip to Paris.

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