Coffee moment in Turkish porcelain

Coffee, can’t live without it. I really need to start the day with a cup (or 2, or 3) of black and sweet coffee. The rest of the day I’m good with tea with an exceptional latte when I have meetings at good coffee places. During my trip to Turkey last week, I got to […]

Pottery Love

If you have been following my blog from the beginning you might have noticed that I have a love for ceramics and pottery. I either write about it, or they pop up in my photos of my home. (For example here, and here) I move my pottery around all the time, and also edit my […]

Create a Chalet Christmas decor

I’m loving the Chalet collection by Ikea. I think it’s the perfect style to create that winter warm decor for Christmas. Crisp white textiles are adorned by depictions of deers. Moody grey hues and warm knits and faux fur plaids complete the look.

Simply beautiful: Tableware by Manses design

Inspired by nature, with pure and simple lines and forms. The Manses design tableware is simply beautiful. The Swedish designer Malin Eliasson Sahlin integrates function and form and contrast and harmony in her porcelain. Her signature work is black on white, but I personally much prefer her blue and white collection which is fresh and […]

Illy Art Collection by Kiki Smith

Poetic and whimsical are the espresso cups by illy Art Collection. The designs are by Kiki Smith. “An artist’s work can take as many directions as the number of hairs we have. It goes wherever it wants” says Kiki. Her designs were inspired by day and night butterflies. It’s a contemporary interpretation of the traditional European […]

Have your way with words

How would you like your coffee? With words please! The Keith Brymer Jones mugs are so funny yet so simple. My first encounter with the brand was in London, and I was so amused by the mugs, but I couldn’t take them with me in my already full suitcase. A few weeks later I found […]

Trend: Flamingo Fun

After the owl and the fox, it is now the gracious flamingo that is trending. The quiet and shy bird adorns everything from fashion, to ceramics, and home accessories. The state of Florida must be very proud…Will you join this flock? shower curtain – Ikea | bowl – West Elm | serving dish – Zara […]