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If you have been following my blog from the beginning you might have noticed that I have a love for ceramics and pottery. I either write about it, or they pop up in my photos of my home. (For example here, and here) I move my pottery around all the time, and also edit my collection each season so I constantly have different bowls, vases, and pots on display. Pottery is the ultimate accessory to play with. You can either display them grouped, singled out, or for what they were made, to hold greens. In the kitchen you can utilize them to keep your herbs or kitchen utensils in reach. Here are some quick shots of my pottery collection.

West Germany PotteryIMG_2363ed IMG_2366

My favourite piece I have is from a British designer Janet Stahelin Edmondson. It’s a ceramic cylinder vase with lace embossing. It’s very delicate and pure. I love it!

IMG_2373 IMG_2377 IMG_2383

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