Pottery Love

If you have been following my blog from the beginning you might have noticed that I have a love for ceramics and pottery. I either write about it, or they pop up in my photos of my home. (For example here, and here) I move my pottery around all the time, and also edit my […]

Lighten up

The days seem really short now, don’t they? Although I’m not a fan of winter, there is something special about those dark days I do like: you start to light up candles, drink hot coco and enjoy your warm and cozy home much more while it’s cold outside. So it’s time again to look for […]

Ceramic bottles by Boop Designs

I recently discovered the bottles and ceramic jewelry by UK based Boop Designs. They’re simple yet very interesting due to the fun illustrations and texts. The bottles tell stories of the designer’s childhood memories: summer meadows, birds and butterflies; dandelion clocks, which are hand drawn illustrations printed onto the bottles. Laura uses vintage bottles as […]

A Blooming Easter decor: flower arrangements

Easter seems to have crept up on us rather stealthily this year. We are all absorbed with the snow and extended winter freeze.  I feel it is a bit of a damper on the festivities. I have never bought so many flowers and flower bulbs as I did this year. The blooming flowers and their […]

4 Ways to Buff up your interior with Copper

Copper is THE hottest trend this season. Once only imaginable in your grandmothers house or under a layer of dust in the attic, it is now considered hip and eclectic. The image of medieval times cookware and servants getting it to gleam is soon forgotten when you see how current design brands have found whole […]

5 Ideas for decorating with recycled glass jugs and vases

Hello dear readers of 30smagazine! My name is Magda and I am creator and author of nice&nicer blog, where I post about interior and design inspirations. Today I have the pleasure to be a guest writer for Louise and I am very happy about this opportunity! Have it ever happened to you that you liked […]

Revival of the West German Pottery

Remember those orange, red and brown vases, with the bubbling lava glazes our parents used to have in the 1950s-1970s? Well, this vintage West German pottery is currently undergoing a revival and slowly growing in popularity. If you pay attention you can see them pop up regularly in design and interior magazines. After being out of fashion […]