A Blooming Easter decor: flower arrangements

Easter seems to have crept up on us rather stealthily this year. We are all absorbed with the snow and extended winter freeze.  I feel it is a bit of a damper on the festivities. I have never bought so many flowers and flower bulbs as I did this year. The blooming flowers and their sweet smell cheer up my home and add colour to the gloomy cold days.

For centuries people have been buying and giving each other flowers during the Easter holidays. It signifies new life and the beginning of spring. Instead of one bouquet as a focal point, it’s much more fun to disperse different smaller flower arrangement throughout the house in different spaces to set the room in bloom.

Easter flower vignette

Group an uneven amount of small vases filled with whimsical white and pink ranunculus and hyacinths  to create a romantically sweet arrangement.


ranonkels 2

Arrange two flowers on a vintage silver plate or basket for a classic French look.

flower arrangement Easter

Make a bold statement with a bundle of bright hyacinths or tulips in different hues. The odor fills up your room and the arrangement is a real eye catcher.hyacinths


Single out a small vase  to create a dramatic look. This works extremely well in the bedroom, bathroom, the entryway or in a reading nook. It’s that little extra to make a space more inviting and warm.

roze ranonkels

white flower arrangementTry to make unconventional colour combinations and you’ll notice that it adds a burst of colour into the space. Yellow and pink, or fuchsia and red might clash at first sight, but at a second glance add warmth and depth to a space.

pink and yellow flowers

easter decor

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