Last-minute Easter styling inspiration in the trend colors of 2016

Easter styling

I know I'm a bit late with this blog post, but I just haven't had the time to decorate my house for Easter. Also, I'm not hosting this year's Easter brunch so didn't really think of creative and new styling ideas. Nevertheless I couldn't keep you, my readers, hanging, so I came up with 3 small styling tips incorporating the trend colors of 2016: DIY marble and gold painted Easter eggs 2 table settings using the Pantone colors of 2016 2 ways to style a chic Easter vignette with just a few … [Read more...]

5 Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

Each year I try to do something different when decorating for Easter. I haven't really decided yet what colour scheme or theme I will use this year. But since time is ticking away, I'd better get to it. I might go with one of these 5 Easter egg decorating ideas shown below. They are not too difficult and look like fun. Do you need more inspiration? Head over to my special Easter section here, with Easter table settings, recipes, and decoration ideas. Or, have a look at my Easter pinterest … [Read more...]

3 favourite resources for Easter

Are you still in need of Easter inspiration and the best spring recipes for your Easter Brunch? Today I'm sharing three of my favourite on- and offline resources to get you started with crafting, cooking and setting the table. Sure, no website will ever beat the endless stream of ideas of   international renowned domestic queen Martha Stewart, who has been around as long as I can remember. But nowadays there are a lot of upcoming inspiring cooks, photographers, bloggers and crafters with fresh … [Read more...]

A Blooming Easter decor: flower arrangements

Easter seems to have crept up on us rather stealthily this year. We are all absorbed with the snow and extended winter freeze.  I feel it is a bit of a damper on the festivities. I have never bought so many flowers and flower bulbs as I did this year. The blooming flowers and their sweet smell cheer up my home and add colour to the gloomy cold days. For centuries people have been buying and giving each other flowers during the Easter holidays. It signifies new life and the beginning of … [Read more...]

Raspberry Cupcakes for Easter

Easter is a great excuse to indulge in sweet treats and guilty pleasures. Cupcakes with their colourful cups and pastel frosting are great eye catchers to spruce up your Easter table. While there are thousands of cupcake recipes out there, I prefer the ones with fresh fruit. For one, it enables you to reduce the amount of sugar, and two, you don't need any artificial colouring for the frosting. I admit, they are still unhealthy and full of bad carbs, but they do taste better and lift you a … [Read more...]

An Easter table bursting with colour

Who says your Easter table setting has to involve numerous bunnies and piles of coloured eggs? This year I leave out the conventional accessories and will instead mimic a blooming spring garden table (by lack of one outside). I decorated  the Easter branches with cute birds and a few dispersed hanging ribbons. As a centerpiece I group a large collection of miniature watering cans in popping colours, alternated by tin plant pots with flower bulbs in bloom. Each place setting includes a pastel … [Read more...]

6 Easter Place settings to impress your guests

Only ten more days till Easter. The Easter brunch table setting is always my highlight as I love to create different festive table tops. I've been experimenting with a few sample place settings to inspire you. Which one is your favourite? (for product descriptions/sales points scroll down) 1. a bird's nest Not all of us like the candy coloured Easter decorations. For a more mature and modern rustic look you can opt for black and white, gold, and natural elements like eggs and feathers. … [Read more...]