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Last-minute Easter styling inspiration in the trend colors of 2016

I know I’m a bit late with this blog post, but I just haven’t had the time to decorate my house for Easter. Also, I’m not hosting this year’s Easter brunch so didn’t really think of creative and new styling ideas. Nevertheless I couldn’t keep you, my readers, hanging, so I came up with 3 small styling tips incorporating the trend colors of 2016:

  • DIY marble and gold painted Easter eggs
  • 2 table settings using the Pantone colors of 2016
  • 2 ways to style a chic Easter vignette with just a few objects

DIY marble Easter eggs

I spray painted the golden eggs, easy peasy. But how did I make those marbelized eggs?

  1. Fill a bowl with warm water
  2. Pour in a few drops of black nail polish and swirl around with a sateh stick
  3. Wear plastic gloves
  4. Hold the egg in the water and swirl around
  5. Let air dry

Tablestyling in the Pantone colors of 2016: Rose quartz and serenity

Each year, Pantone declares a color of the year, and for 2016 it were as an exception two colours. Rose quartz, a warm rose pink, and Serenity, a soft and tranquil blue. The two colours are prevalent in fashion, and interior design. So why not use them in your Easter tablesetting too? I chose to mix both with two other current trends, brass and marble.

Styling an Easter vignette with few objects

Of course you can overboard with your Easter decorations, but you could also tone it down with just a few objects that you integrate in a vignette on your table or credenza. In the two examples below you can see how you can create an Easter feel with just two or three accessories. Flowers and eggs usually do the trick. Also, dare to be different and replace the cliché yellow tulips and hyacinths or ranunculas by tropical flowers and bright reds.

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