Jansz Amsterdam

Jansz. in Amsterdam intertwines international flair and Dutch sobriety

Jansz AmsterdamLast week I tried the newest and much talked about restaurant in Amsterdam: Jansz. Their credo is ‘Simply beautiful. Beautifully simple’, one I can undoubtedly endorse. The interior design as well as the food are tasteful and effortlessly chic. This is one restaurant that will leave you wanting to return sooner rather than later. International flair and Dutch sobriety are intertwined in the menu as well as the care-free ambiance, making it a cosmopolitan experience. Let’s break it all down for you…

Jansz Amsterdam

The interior

The restaurant’s name derives from Folkert Jansz, a historical 17th century merchant who owned many of the Amsterdam canal townhouses. This particular building used to house an apothecary, which becomes evident as soon as you enter Jansz.. Designer Jacu Strauss made use of the historical details that could be kept in tact or used refurbished and vintage elements to stage the story behind this impressive space. Walls are lined with apothecary bottles. Old moss green benches are refurbished but still have that historical feel. The old marble pillars and adorned ceiling were renovated into its full galore. In the middle of the space there is a glass cabinet filled with bell jars.

Jansz AmsterdamJansz Amsterdam

Jansz. is adjacent to the newly opened Pulitzer hotel, and also accessible from the hotel via an inside corridor. However, it doesn’t have a hotel restaurant feel to it, at all. Locals, tourists, hotel guests, and business people flock to Jansz for coffee, breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The restaurant consists of three spaces in a U-shape, all elegantly furnished with blue or pink tones. The design celebrates historical Dutch painters with beautiful art, but also compels to cosmopolitans with its modern Parisian chic brasserie furnishings. It’s fun to watch the bustling in the open kitchen by sitting at the marble bar. In the back of the restaurant there is a small private space to have confidential business meetings or a private group lunch/dinner.

Jansz AmsterdamJansz AmsterdamJansz AmsterdamJansz AmsterdamJansz AmsterdamJansz Amsterdam

The Food

The menu is also a mix of classic dishes with international flavours and flair. I tried two appetizers, toast with king crab, and a very tasteful and unusual vegetarian dish: cauliflower and mushrooms with pine nuts and smoked onion powder. Both were to die for! As a dessert I had the chocolate cake with ice cream.

Jansz AmsterdamJansz AmsterdamJansz Amsterdam

Jansz. is a must-try and for me definitely a new top 5 favourite in Amsterdam. Jansz. – Reestraat 8

For more info and reservations: http://www.janszamsterdam.com/nl/


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