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The new chic: white on white interiors

white restaurant decorAn all white interior, I couldn’t imagine living in one. Although I love neutral interiors, I do feel that you need a bit of colour to bring in warmth. Also, I’m anything but a minimalist. I was therefore pleasantly surprised by the Le Marriage Frères pop-up restaurant at Maison et Objet which I visited last autumn. The restaurant’s interior is a good example of the proverbial  ‘less is more’. Le Mariage Frères is known for its colourful and lavishly decorated tea rooms, so this was quite the opposite. Everything was kept white and sleek with marble tables and white design chairs. The only contrast was created by a black accent wall and grey carpeting. An inspiring example to show that white on white is the new chic.

What can we learn from this space?

  1. Use warm woods so it doesn’t feel sterile like a hospital
  2. Add contrast by using black or gold accents (sparingly)
  3. Add a bold focal point, or a statement piece like in this case the painting and the ceiling art work

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