3 favourite resources for Easter

Are you still in need of Easter inspiration and the best spring recipes for your Easter Brunch? Today I’m sharing three of my favourite on- and offline resources to get you started with crafting, cooking and setting the table. Sure, no website will ever beat the endless stream of ideas of   international renowned domestic queen Martha Stewart, who has been around as long as I can remember. But nowadays there are a lot of upcoming inspiring cooks, photographers, bloggers and crafters with fresh ideas and plenty of different examples to follow.

1. Sweet Paul

Sweet Paul is, in my opinion, one of the best resources when it comes to recipe and styling ideas . I’m a huge fan of his website, his magazine and his pinterest boards. I can spend hours flipping though his e-magazines (they are free), and the print issues. His Pinterest boards are boasting with inspiration.

sweet paul spring

sweet paul collage

sp collage

SP collage pinterest2. Luscious

Luscious Magazine is an e-magazine (also free of charge) by food blogger Marta Majewska. I’m especially impressed by her spring issue with scrumptious recipes and stunning photos. There are an array of easy yet fingerlicking recipes for asparagus, which are typical Easter vegetables. Her cinnamon rolls make you want to lick your computer screen.  Also have a peek at her blog. What a talent!


luscious magazine

3. Marie Claire Idees

This French magazine, is available in print. I get my copies usually in Amsterdam at the train station since there are only a few bookstores in the Netherlands that carry it. However, their website and facebook page is full of great photos and ideas to get you started and to sparkle your imagination.

MCi collage mci collage2

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