Summer Party Food Ideas

I love to throw summer parties. However, lately I have been so swamped with work that I haven't had the time to plan one for my friends. Nonetheless I do collect ideas for delicious bites and snacks at other events and parties which I can use or alter for my own parties at a later time. This week I had two business related occasions where they served the most delicious, - and not so difficult to make myself - summer bites. Moreover, I think they were worth sharing with you. After all, the summer … [Read more...]

Restaurant De Kas in Amsterdam

Restaurant De Kas

For a pure, seasonal food experience in Amsterdam, there is no better place than Restaurant & Nursery De Kas. Located in a set of enormous green houses, dating back to 1926, you can indulge in homegrown and local produce. The menu changes weekly and consists of high quality, fresh products that need little seasoning, and are therefore served in its most purest forms. They grow their own herbs and vegetables in the greenhouses and gardens at the restaurant and on their farmland in the … [Read more...]

Restaurant Lt. Cornelis in Amsterdam gives you a taste of Dutch traditional food

Restaurant LT Cornelisz Amsterdam

Typical traditional Dutch cuisine evokes pictures of potatoes and vegetables mash, comfort food, and simmered meat with gravy, prepared with little seasoning and much simplicity. But now that view has changed. After eating at the newly opened restaurant Lt. Cornelis in Amsterdam, your perspective on Dutch cuisine will be totally altered, and you'll be craving to taste more of it. Restaurant Lt. Cornelis takes Dutch cuisine up a notch, with a compelling menu served in an eye-catching … [Read more...]

Unique dining experience on Vuurtoren Eiland (Lighthouse island)

Last week I had the most unique dining experience ever. I had a sunset dinner on Vuurtoren Eiland, which translates Lighthouse island. The deserted island is a one-hour boat ride from the Amsterdam shore, and exclusively for guests who booked this experience. There are limited spots available so it does take endurance and patience to score a ticket for this much coveted restaurant. The restaurant is only open in summer and organizes weekday dinners and Sunday lunches. The only way to get to the … [Read more...]

Hot spot Leiden: Restaurant De Waag

De Waag was centuries ago the epicenter of Leiden but lost its function through the years and was actually hardly used. The historic building, a state monument, was where merchants from the 17-19th century would weigh their goods. But this summer the monument is once again a city hot spot, as it opened its doors last week as a new, cozy restaurant with a spectacular interior design concept. It is meant to be a place that feels like a second home even though the building is enormous. One can have … [Read more...]

Paris Cheat Sheet: Restaurant Semilla

One of the best gourmet restaurants I have ever been to is Semilla. When I think back at the dinner we had there in December, I instantly get lyrical again. It was so good that superlatives lack, there are just no words to descibe it. Still, I'm going to try anyway because I want to share this place with everyone who is traveling to Paris because we were blown away by the food and the service. This is really a place to put on your to-do-list! The restaurant is located in Rue de Seine in the … [Read more...]

Sharing Food with Friends at MOMO Amsterdam

Earlier this month I had a lovely lunch with the two winners of my competition in December, to celebrate the 1000th blog post of 30s Magazine. Eating at MOMO had been on my wish list since 2008, but somehow I never got to it. So it was extra fun to take two of my readers there to try and test. MOMO restaurant, bar & lounge is part of the luxury Park Hotel and situated in the center of the city, just a stone throw from the casino, Leidseplein, and Rijksmuseum. The restaurant, with bar and … [Read more...]