3 favourite resources for Easter

Are you still in need of Easter inspiration and the best spring recipes for your Easter Brunch? Today I’m sharing three of my favourite on- and offline resources to get you started with crafting, cooking and setting the table. Sure, no website will ever beat the endless stream of ideas of   international renowned domestic queen […]

Decorating for Easter

I’m still decorating for Easter and thought you might like or would be inspired by what I have created now. I brought out the bunnies and the birds. I filled a pretty bowl with moss and decorated it with twigs, eggs, birds and flowers. A cheerful sight by itself and even more grouped with a […]

6 Easter Place settings to impress your guests

Only ten more days till Easter. The Easter brunch table setting is always my highlight as I love to create different festive table tops. I’ve been experimenting with a few sample place settings to inspire you. Which one is your favourite? (for product descriptions/sales points scroll down) 1. a bird’s nest Not all of us […]

The first signs of Easter

Spring has sprung today. Well, according to the calendar, that is. Unfortunately, outside it’s still winter and snowing in parts of the country. Nevertheless, the first signs of Easter are popping up in my house. Just like Christmas, I like to decorate my home in anticipation of the holiday. I slowly started to haul out […]

Easter decoration revisited

I was going through my Easter photos of last year’s and the year before that, and I was thinking: How am I going to top that? I would like to do something different each year to keep it fresh and interesting. But then I realized that a big part of my new readership might not […]