Deck the Halls Audrey Hepburn style: Moodboarding

So what is your theme and colour scheme this Christmas? Each year I try to change my theme and colour palette, slightly though, cause I’m not buying a whole new ornaments collection each year, that would be outrageous. With minimal alterations and a few simple adjustments you can create a whole new look. Last year I had Nordic Nature accents, lots of white ornaments, and a candy striped kitchen. This year I’m introducing two other themes. Introducing my first theme….drumrolls: Audrey Hepburn! I’m a huge fan of Audrey and since black and white, and teal blue are trending in interior styling and in Christmas ornaments, it isn’t hard to pull off.

I always start with a moodboard to structure my ideas, so today I would like to share with you the two moodboards I made to inspire my Christmas table setting and my Christmas dessert table that I’ll show you tomorrow and the day after.

Moodboard Audrey Hepburn

IMG_5323edAudrey Hepburn Xms moodboard

Audrey Hepburn party IMG_5466

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7 thoughts on “Deck the Halls Audrey Hepburn style: Moodboarding

  1. That’s very pretty!! My style? whatever the kids throw on the tree from our assorted collection of ornaments. I’ve given up trying for chic at Christmas and, try to remember instead, they are making memories 🙂

  2. Great moodboards! I love the way they’re put together. The combination of pictures and real materials. And nice balance of color and b&w. It really shows the The Audrey Hepburn feel!

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