Happy second Advent Sunday

I just love the Advent Sundays. They are perfect to stay inside while it’s cold and dark outside. They are perfect to enjoy your Christmas decorations and add more seasonal touches to your home, or to read a book or magazine and drink hot chocolate. Advent Sundays are perfect to bake cookies, or cook a […]

Deck the Halls Audrey Hepburn style: Moodboarding

So what is your theme and colour scheme this Christmas? Each year I try to change my theme and colour palette, slightly though, cause I’m not buying a whole new ornaments collection each year, that would be outrageous. With minimal alterations and a few simple adjustments you can create a whole new look. Last year […]

Moodboards and Pinteresting workspaces

For the blogging bootcamp e-course I’m taking this month, I made a moodboard to visualize 30s Magazine, and what I would like to express with it. A moodboard is a great idea to organize your thoughts, or to pin down your aspirations and inspiration. It enables you to grasp what you want, and it helps […]

Back to Bootcamp

Yesterday I started a bootcamp. No, not the one where you have to drag yourself through mud, hop over fences and do fifty push-ups. I enrolled in a blogging bootcamp.  The Blogging your Way Bootcamp is an e-course by best-selling author and established blogger Holly Becker. Yes, I’m back in class with my other international […]

Zet je Gedachten om in Beeld

Stel je gaat verhuizen en hebt een hoop ideeën over de inrichting. Of je wilt je huis of een kamer restylen.  Je gaat trouwen en probeert de mooiste dag van je leven te ontwerpen. Allemaal grote projecten waar creativiteit en organisatie bij komen kijken. Het is in al die gevallen heel handig om een Moodboard te […]