Moodboards and Pinteresting workspaces

For the blogging bootcamp e-course I’m taking this month, I made a moodboard to visualize 30s Magazine, and what I would like to express with it. A moodboard is a great idea to organize your thoughts, or to pin down your aspirations and inspiration. It enables you to grasp what you want, and it helps you to condense an overload of thoughts.

An inspiring work space can be easily achieved by hanging a pin board above your desk and pinning quotes, clippings, colour swatches, fabrics and photos. If one pinboard isn’t enough, there is Pinterest. Pinterest is an online pinboard where you can create different thematic moodboards.

Whenever you are surfing the web, and you see something you like, you can pin the picture to your own Pinterest moodboards. You can also download your own photos, or you can search within the pinterest website for inspiring pictures. Whether it is home decorating, recipes, craft ideas to do with your kids, ideas for christmas tablesettings, or just pretty photography. By double-clicking the photo you are redirected to the source of the photo, be it a website, web shop, or blog. It’s as easy as that! Pinterest is an infinite source of beautiful photography and interesting ideas. The website is already used by ten million people and growing steadily as the new big thing. If you’re not on Pinterest yet, have a look at my pin boards.

I found a lot of pinteresting ideas how to creatively create an inspiring workspace.

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  1. Loving this post Louise – I’m a total Pinterest addict so I can’t get enough of moodboards and really enjoyed this homework – wasn’t much like work though was it?!

    Hope the course is going well and thanks for commenting on my little ol’ blog 🙂

    Ginger (BYW) x

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