In the Picture: Brumley and Wells

It’s time for another ‘in the picture’ where I share one of my favourite people I follow on instagram. Two days ago I discovered and instantly fell in love with the photography of professional photographer Jacob a.k.a. Brumley and Wells. I can’t stop looking at his pictures, and going back to ones I have already seen, just to be wowed all over again. On his website he describes exactly what I love so much about his photos, which are two things; the lighting and the way he captures the souls of people in his images. He says: “Jacob has a passion for medium format film and loves using natural light to compose simple, elegant, and timeless photographs with an acute awareness of detail, color, and movement. He loves capturing the unique personalities and relationships… ” [continue reading after the jump]IMG_0422 IMG_0423 IMG_0421Jacob photographs weddings, editorial and engagement & portraits. But what really draws me in are his portraits and travel photos. He makes the most amazing portraits of people around the globe and captures culture, character and personality in just one image. The intimacy between him and the person behind the lens is so palpable. He also has a dozen or so photos of a production with a woman in his instagram feed that are stunning. They were shot for Pearl & Godiva and you can see the complete photo production here. The way he used natural light to enhance her chocolate brown skin tone, purity and beauty is amazing. The styling is outstanding. If I ever need a photographer, Jacob will be my first choice.Pearl and Godiva bridal photoshoot

Production, creative direction and styling: Pearl & Godiva – photographer: Brumley and Wells – Hair stylist Michelle O’Halloran – Make up: Kathryn O’Neill


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