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I’m always on the look out for home accessories that reflect my passion for travelling. That is why I love the new city mugs collection from Iittala. They are perfect as a mother’s day gift or just to treat yourself. I like the happy colours and geometric pictures. The mug series depicts the spirit of Iittala stores’ home cities in Helsinki, Stockholm, Berlin, Amsterdam, Tokyo and Antwerpen and were designed by the Musuta studio.



Jopsu and Timo Ramu, who have travelled extensively around the world, have brought their view of each city and its spirit to the mugs, including unique colors and elements of the city’s key landmarks.

The spirit for the Helsinki mug is created by the dark sea and the Cathedral’s green domes. The Tokyo mug conveys light blue frosty air and Mount Fuji, whereas the color palette for Stockholm is golden brown with royal crowns. Bridge arches depict the appearance of colorful Amsterdam, and Antwerpen draws from crafts with the castle in silhouette. The clear lines of Berlin are also visible on the mug; nations and nationalities walk through the columns of the gate.


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