Trend: Agate in home decor

I fell for the latest trend in home decor, agate, already in December when I was compiling gift guides and featured agate coasters and a cheese platter in a gift guide for discerning women (see here). Early February I finally caved in and bought my own set of coaster via Etsy. My love for natural stones and gems isn’t new though. I have been collecting jewelry with gem stones for years, and even wrote a guest blog post about my fascination for them for my fellow blogger Gudy on her blog Eclectic Trends.(read here) Agate is characterised by its fineness of grain and brightness of color. Although agates may be found in various kinds of rock, they are classically associated with volcanic rocks. I strongly believe in the healing properties of natural stones. However I didn’t pick my turquoise agate because it is believed to bring about an emotional, physical and intellectual balance to one’s life. Turquoise is just my favourite colour. The coasters have a gold rim applied which makes them extra chic. I think they rock!
Agate coasters - 30s Magazine agate coasters 2 - 30s magazine

Besides coasters and platters, the agate trend is integrated in many more home decor items. I discovered many chandeliers, drawer knobs, coffee tables, bookends en planters with agate. The gems are great accessories to glam up a room and add a pop of colour to a space. If you visit my agate pinterest board you’ll see that the agate trend is also taking over walls with wall paper designs, kitchen counters and table tops. Would you like to get your own agate accessory? On Etsy there is a wide variety of agate products available. In the USA it is already a huge trend, and I hope it’ll touch ground in Europe soon too.

agaat 3 Agate chandeliers agate drawer knobs agate in interior designagate bookends


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