5 Tips to create a beautiful flat-lay instagram photo

The latest craze on instagram is to create a flat-lay photo, and I’m totally into it. As a matter of fact, I’m totally into instagram no matter what the angle is. I love to look at pretty photos by others and get inspired. The most mundane things are captured in such pretty ways, like flowers or a cup of coffee. But it is also an excellent medium to explore travel destinations. Besides browsing photos by others, I try to post as many photos on my own instagram as well, so I hope you’re already a follower?

But let’s get back to the flat-lay photo! A flat-lay photo is a picture frame taken from above with a birds-eye view, so you’re hovering above the subjects. It is especially popular to present food and drinks, fashion items, or show off your favourite objects and items like stationery or make-up. How to create an interesting and pretty flat-lay? Here are 5 tips:style flat lay

TIP 1: Choose a basic and bright background, like white or wood to make your objects stand out.

TIP 2: Differentiate in object sizes. The photo will be more interesting and in proportion when you combine larger with small items.chanel flat lay red and black

TIP 3: Leave space between the different items and disperse them across the frame, even if it means it isn’t entirely in the frame. It shouldn’t look too organised and styled.

TIP 4: Choose a theme. Decide on either a colour theme, or a popular theme like #ootd (outfit of the day), #inmybag #glam or #coffee. As you can see I have a beauty essentials theme with a black and red colour scheme. It keeps the photo uncluttered and coherent.

TIP 5: The photo should tell a story. In my case the story is ‘How to go out looking sexy’. But let’s say you would like to tell the story of a lazy Sunday morning…use a magazine, cup of coffee, croissant and white bed sheets as the background. chanelI hope my tips help and will inspire you to create your own flat-lay. For examples go to my instagram or search on instagram for #flatlay


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