5 Tips to create a beautiful flat-lay instagram photo

The latest craze on instagram is to create a flat-lay photo, and I’m totally into it. As a matter of fact, I’m totally into instagram no matter what the angle is. I love to look at pretty photos by others and get inspired. The most mundane things are captured in such pretty ways, like flowers […]

Poetic Home Decor

H&M has been really stepping it up in 2014. Up until this year’s spring/summer collection I wasn’t a fan of their home decorations. But that all changed when they introduced their Parisian Chic accessories earlier this year.  Their latest home decor line for autumn is again up to my ‘budget-friendly shopping-standards’ as it appears chic, […]

Black and white Christmas

A major trend this year is black and white. There are so many cool products out there to create the look. Here’s my top 6: 1. Tierlantijn, 2. Rie Elise Larsen, 3. Tierlantijn, 4. Tierlantijn, 5. Rie Elise Larsen, 6. Fine Little Day 

Black and white Christmas gift wrapping ideas

Gift wrapping is so much fun. I love to wrap my presents myself instead of leaving it to the store’s wrapping counter to do it for you. I feel it makes your gift extra special and shows consideration. Last year I had everything wrapped in a red and white theme. This year I’m going for […]

Home trends 2014: EurAsian style with a touch of retro glam

From October 1-6, Amsterdam is home to the largest Dutch home decor fair, the Woonbeurs. And like each year, I was there to spot the trends, get inspired, and shop stuff for my home. Coming days I will give my take on what I found interesting and prominent, and struck me as special. The model […]

What’s bugging you?

One of the most annoying things in life is doing the dishes, don’t you think? Another thing that bugs me are little creepers, buzzing mosquitos near my ear, and long-legged spiders.  But then again, that should not withhold you from getting the sum of these annoyances: 100% cotton bug dish towels. Designed by Studio Job […]