Poetic Home Decor

H&M has been really stepping it up in 2014. Up until this year’s spring/summer collection I wasn’t a fan of their home decorations. But that all changed when they introduced their Parisian Chic accessories earlier this year.  Their latest home decor line for autumn is again up to my ‘budget-friendly shopping-standards’ as it appears chic, on trend, and qualitative good enough for a trend-sensitive shopper, who likes to change interior accessories without having to break the bank each season. Like everything at H&M they “have drawn inspiration” from design brands to create a contemporary collection.

The autumn collection is poetic, almost evoking a baroque painting, with many romantic details, floral prints, soft materials, and soothing colours like blush pink, teal, grey hues, black and deep purple. The current mid-century modern trend in home decor is translated into faux marble, brass and copper accessories. Love it!



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