Home trends 2014: EurAsian style with a touch of retro glam

From October 1-6, Amsterdam is home to the largest Dutch home decor fair, the Woonbeurs. And like each year, I was there to spot the trends, get inspired, and shop stuff for my home. Coming days I will give my take on what I found interesting and prominent, and struck me as special. The model homes of the Dutch leading interior magazines are always my favourite, and a spectacle to see and walk through. Like last year, and the year before, the More than Classic (MTC) home is,  in regards of style, closest to my personal taste. Last year they opted for soft pastels and Hollywood glamour. This year, the MTC home was styled by Studio Linse. They created a home that showcased a mix of two leading home interior trends: Fabulous Fifties and the EurAsian home fashion trend. Let’s explore!

MTC kitchen

The Fabulous Fifties trend already immersed home fashion in late 2012, but is still putting its mark on designs in 2013 and 2014. The trend harks back to the glamourous lives of fashion icons Jackie Kennedy, Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. The style characterizes itself by rich soft carpeting, luxurious and glamourous materials, glossy fabrics like silk and satin, and refined accessories made from crystal, bronze, glass or silver. Typical colours used are vintage pink and vintage turquoise that pair well with grey and beige. The fifties style also applies ton sur ton to get that opulent look. Black elements add the Chanel feel. The furniture designs are round-shaped with small feminine chairs, sleek legs, and walnut-wood cabinets with a built in bar.



MTC bathroom

The EurAsian trend is new for 2014. The style is a symbiosis of western and eastern design. It is modern classic with Asian influences in colours, shapes and materials. The EurAsian trend consists of a serene colour palette: porcelain white, blossom pink, and indigo. Glossy and matte finish are alternated and the trend makes use of different Asian fabrics: Chinese satin and silk, Japanese kimono fabrics and patterns, and birds and floral prints. You’ll see typical Asian materials integrated in chairs and accessories, think of bamboo, wicker and rattan. The shapes of lamps are modern interpretations of Japanese lanterns.

IMG_4197MTC homeIMG_4191MTC bedroom

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