Home Trends 2014: Country Bliss and wall quotes

The Dutch home decor fair the Woonbeurs is still open to the public and lasts till tomorrow, October 6. I was there earlier this week to spot the latest styles in interior home decorating, and shop the trends.  At the Woonbeurs, the major Dutch interior magazines annually inspire us in special model homes. One of my favourite magazines Ariadne at Home wow-ed us again with a beautiful French country home, showcasing the 2014 home interior trend ‘Country Bliss’. The styling was mind blowing and validated into the smallest details. And there were many details! Compliments to stylist Marlies Does.

MTC Woonbeurs huis


Country Bliss

Country bliss means a robust, light interior where simplicity is key. The style is characterized by use of natural materials like wood, linnen, wool and flax. Instead of using patterns, the current focuses on layering different textures: stitched on knitted on woven, for example.  Or patchwork rugs and vintage floral quilts. The colours are soft and basic: hues of grey, white, and soft pastels.


sun bed

Objects with a history

The country bliss style makes use of robust artisan objects, recycled materials, distressed wood, and vintage accessories with a story. Examples of this in the model home were: a distressed wooden ladder as a styling object, a still life of vintage ceramics and natural objects like feathers, a vintage type writer, or enamel cooking ware.

IMG_4248 IMG_4281 IMG_4309IMG_4322IMG_4320edIMG_4298

vintage French bath tub woonbeurs homeandgarden

Wall quotes

Another major trend that was visible in the Ariadne at Home model house, were the many wall quotes and texts, to bring in some positivism and inspiration. Whether it is framed, a postcard or chalked on a black board, the trend is undeniable. You can either group your most favourite texts, or plaster them individually with a piece of washi tape next to a single vase to create a still life.


IMG_4273 IMG_4299IMG_4289

Showcase your collections

Displaying your collections and natural finds is another trend in home decorating. In this French country home a variety of collections were showcased either grouped, or cherished under a cloche.

IMG_4284edorigami IMG_4305 IMG_4244

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  1. This was my favourite show home too! So incredibly creative. You took a better photo than me of that swinging porch bed and I want to recreate that for our summer house. Porch swings are big in the U.S. under a covered porch but I prefer this one to the traditional one.

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