Home Trends 2014: Urban Farming

Today is your last chance to visit the Dutch home decor fair the Woonbeurs Amsterdam. My visit to the Woonbeurs gave me tons of ideas for styling, and a good overview of the different home fashion trends for this winter. Two trends you couldn’t ignore at the fair were Urban Farming and Green Styling. Both involve plants, and there were plants alright! There wasn’t a vendour or model home without plants, but the 101 Woonideeën model home was most obvious. So let’s dive into the urban farming, shall we?


Urban Farming

People are increasingly longing for more green space in their living environment, healthier food and a better quality of life in general. Urban Farming originated in the United States and it means that the cultivation of plants and animals returns back to us, the consumer. You can do this by, for example, growing a fruit tree in the garden, growing your own vegetables and herbs on your roof terrace, or even keeping your own chickens.

kitchen styling woonbeurs

At the Woonbeurs I saw many examples of this. From a green house in the garden, a pear tree on the porch, to herbs growing in the kitchen or even your living room. Rosemary and sage for example make beautiful and fragrant indoor plants. In 2014 we like to have our home grown greens at arm length while cooking, and use them as styling objects at the same time. Hanging your plants and herbs in macrame hangers is THE hottest trend.



growing herbs


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7 thoughts on “Home Trends 2014: Urban Farming

  1. Grappig dat het nu zo hot is… Ik kan me niet herinneren dat wij ooit geen kruiden in de keuken hadden groeien, alhoewel ik er dan wel bij moet zeggen dat we niet echt groene vingers hebben! Kamerplanten overleven het nooit bij ons… Misschien gewoon meer kruiden overal… Goed idee!

    1. bij mij gaan alle planten ook dood, omdat het zo donker is in huis, dus ik ga het idee van de kruiden als kamerplant ook eens proberen 🙂 Nu staan ze allemaal op balkon bij mij.

  2. I’ve also noticed that having plants in the home is becoming really popular in the home. And there are so many benefits to them. As well as being beautiful (and enhance your food, if you grow herbs) they can also improve a feeling of wellbeing and make us feel less stressed.

    1. Hi Sarah, thanks for stopping by. Yes, I agree with you. At the decor fair there were lots of plants. I’m going to dedicate a blog post to it next week. I have the same with flower bouquets by the way. I feel so much better and happy when I have flowers in the house

  3. I love the idea of urban farming, in fact I am in the process of planning how to integrate some veggies into my garden so I found your post really interesting. It’s nice to have a little green and I am finding more and more the need to get into nature also. xD

  4. Seems that Urban Framing is big news. Good! I’ve even considered growing veggies on my terrace. Must look into it all. My man has an allotment so will get him on the case:-)

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