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Non-traditional weddings are THE hottest thing these days. There was a time when you had only two options: you’d either save up three years of half of your income to get married in a puffy dress, and dance the night away in an air-conditioned ball room with flickering lights, lots of glitz and glamour, and posh table arrangements. Or, you’d opt for the cheap and quick way and rush to city hall with a handful of friends and your parents present to witness it actually took place. But now there is more: the hipster chic wedding.

paper straws

This non-traditional approach originates in the USA and Australia and is currently also gaining popularity in the Netherlands. Reason for wedding planner Janina and wedding photographer Judith to organize Engaged; an event where selected vendors showcase their non-traditional, creative wedding and party solutions.

Engaged bunting

Engaged signage

Engaged took place last Saturday, October 5, in an awesome, (wedding) event venue Lijm & Cultuur in Delft. And of course I was there to spot the trends, little luxuries and pretty things. Things and ideas you can also apply to your birthday party or any other occasion. The event was a playground for people who love creativity, party planning and being the perfect hostess as much as for engaged couples planning their big day. The vendours presented their services in the most beautiful and creative ways. Here’s a round up of vendours that really spoke to me. (I will dedicate a separate blog post to the stationery vendours who design bespoke invitations and other paperware)

Engaged - swings

Much Love

Much Love wedding design was my favourite vendour of the event and also won the award for being the best styled booth. They are a full service wedding planning business. They will do anything from the invitation to the cake and styling at city hall and liturgy in church. Your bespoke house style will pop up in the smallest thing if you wish. It was immediately evident to me that this lady had great taste in styling and a keen eye for detail.

IMG_4549 IMG_4560 much love at engaged

IMG_4557engaged - make love

Bloom your life

Bloom your life offers flowers and floral arrangements for weddings, events and businesses. I loved their styling!

Engaged - bloom your life bouquet Engaged - Bloom your life flower Engaged - bloom your life


Renske Anna

Renske Anna creates bespoke stamps, chalk boards and paper work for your wedding or party. The handmade stamps enable you to have your very own wedding logo. The chalk boards are great as signage or as a back drop in a photo booth for example.

Engaged - Renske Anna kupkeek Engaged - Renske Anna styling Engaged - renskeanna

Nina Weddings

Nina weddings, who also organized this event, is a wedding and party planning service offering total concepts, styling and beginning to end execution. I loved her table setting with the vintage inspired letterpress menu and place setting. She used floral arrangements from Bloom your life.

Engaged - Nina Wedding Engaged - Nina

I am yours now

I am yours now takes care of wedding photography and videography, but not the conventional way. Their videos and photos have a whimsical and dreamy feel to it. In order to find out more you can check out their website. I was very impressed by the styling of their booth that translated their approach perfectly.

Engaged - iamyoursnow Engaged - your snow lemonade

Cakeworks Studio

No wedding without cake. Cakeworks Studio makes the most gorgeous cakes, macarons, cup cakes and other delicacies you request for weddings, birthdays and parties. Some of her cakes are inspired by Peggy Porschen and Maggie Austin. And who doesn’t want one like that?

Engaged - Cakeworks

Engaged - cakeIMG_4439


Heeerlijk offers sphere catering for any event imaginable. They start with a moodboard to find out what kind of mood you would like. Then you move to the food and they will fill in the blanks. The result is a concept where the food, the mood and presentation complement and enforce each other. Their style is unpretentious with eye for details.


Engaged - Heeerlijk tajine


Velvetine is specialized in fine art wedding photography. Their style is whimsical, natural, vintage, and hipster chic. They also have a web shop where they sell selected party essentials and decorations.


Lang zal ze leven

It’s always nice to see a familiar face, or in this case, a familiar pompom. Lang zal ze leven has been my personal address for all my party supplies for a while now. From pompoms to buntings, treat boxes and paper straws. They have everything in all colours imaginable.


Koffie Kever

You can serve the best cocktails, champagne and wine, and people will still ask for coffee and tea. Especially when you party until the wee hours it’s good to serve your guests coffee before they hit the road. So why not bring in the Coffee Beetle? He serves good coffee and organic tea blends right out of the side of the car and trunk. How cool is that?


That concludes my overview of vendours who can help you make your wedding or party more creative, customized, and hipster chic. Please come back for another blog post dedicated to the vendours who make pretty handmade stationary soon! Also, I will be sharing a DIY of making your own floral wreath and fabric bunting. So I have much more inspiration to share from the Engaged Event!

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  1. I’m a fan of non-traditional home-spun weddings. We blew a fair amount of money on our traditional wedding (my husband insisted – in our case the roles were reversed and he wanted a ‘real’ wedding) and it was a beautiful day. However, it was also money that we could have used to pay the mortgage etc. I think the wedding ideas above are beautiful!!

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