7 ways to decorate with trunks

Vintage trunks are excellent pieces to decorate. And since I am a globetrotter, I thought it would be nice to have one in my own interior as a reference to my wanderlust. (see mine here). I was initially inspired by a photo of the interior design of the Capri Tibero Hotel where trunks are used as decorative pieces as well as an accent table. But soon I discovered much more inspiring photos to utilize the trunk. Most people still have one stored in their attic or garage. But if you don’t, you are in luck, because trunks are easily found in vintage stores or on antiques markets. In the Netherlands you can choose from a variety of vintage suitcases at home decor store Loods 5 or at von living.

Capri Tibero Palace

1. Coffee table, end table or footrest in your seating area

Paint a collection of your vintage trunks in pretty pastels and stack and arrange them as a coffee table, end table or footrest.

2. Decorative statement

Stack your luggage to make a decorative statement. In these pictures the trunks fill an empty nook or break up an empty space under a side table that would otherwise been dull and difficult to utilize. It adds colour, shape and texture.

suitcase stack

3. Storage space

Your vintage suitcases make great storage space and are an aesthetic way to declutter your space while still keeping everthing organized but hidden from view. You can use them to stow away books, craft supplies, toys, or blankets.


4. Shelving

A creative and eye-catching way to show of your baggage is by sawing them into shelves to display your favourite accessories.

suitcases5 5. Nightstand

Vintage trunks look fabulous as night stands. Especially if you stack two or three and top it with a beautiful lamp. A nice addition is that you can store all your books and magazines in them so you can easily reach for them before you go to sleep.


6. Sidetable

This does require a little crafting, but once you installed it, it makes one outstanding sidetable. For instructions click here


7. Planter

For a truly unique display of nature, fill your vintage trunk with potting mix and create your own arrangement of plants and flowers.


Photo sources: Unfortunately I couldn’t find the original sources of any of the above photos. I got them all on Pinterest.

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  1. Hey Louise, Ik denk dat ‘trunk’ alleen gebruikt wordt voor de kofferbak van een auto… misschien dat ‘suitcase’ beter past? Gewoon een tipje, leuk artikel trouwens 🙂

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