Weekendtip: Salon Residence

This weekend (Sep 28-Oct 1) interior design magazine Residence organizes its second Salon Residence event. After the successful edition in 2015 - see my blog here - they once again transform the Singer Museum in Laren into an inspirational interior design showcase. This year the theme is 'Boutique Hotel'. Eighteen renowned interior designers decorated their own bespoke space. Why the theme 'boutique hotel'? Hotels have become the designer's preferred form of presenting him/herself. … [Read more...]

The Day after MUST

MUST Kurhaus sep 2016

Yesterday, the Kurhaus in Scheveningen transformed into a magical, almost fairy-tale setting with the party MUST. 30s Magazine events contributor César was there to capture it visually. Glistening chandeliers, champagne, and go-go girls dressed in vintage beach wear reminded us of the Kurhaus' history and legacy as the elite beach hotel. The crowd was dressed to impress and partied into the late hours with mojitos, cocktails and fingerfood. DJs Leon Benesty, Frank Rizardo and Erick E turned up … [Read more...]

Weekendtip: Haute Partying at MUST in the Kurhaus

Summer is nearly over and that can't end quietly. Therefore MUST organizes an extravagant party on September 24th to party like it's summer one more time. The location is unique: the Kurhaus in Scheveningen. This building has an illustrious past of sizzling parties and concerts like e.g. the Rolling Stones, and another chapter is bound to be added on the 24th September. In the legendary and glamourous  hall a feast will unfold that only MUST is capable of: full extravaganza, a dreamy line up and … [Read more...]

A look back at the annual night of lights in Delft

If you're following me on instagram or facebook you couldn't have missed my visit to the annual night of lights in Delft (lichtjesavond). After Christmas and the blossom season it is my favourite event of the year. I love the magical atmosphere that is created throughout the historical city center by illuminating the facades of the canal houses and the churches. The melodies of carol singers fill the narrow streets, and the smell of roast pork, and hot waffles lure you to the many food and … [Read more...]

Hipster chic weddings

Non-traditional weddings are THE hottest thing these days. There was a time when you had only two options: you'd either save up three years of half of your income to get married in a puffy dress, and dance the night away in an air-conditioned ball room with flickering lights, lots of glitz and glamour, and posh table arrangements. Or, you'd opt for the cheap and quick way and rush to city hall with a handful of friends and your parents present to witness it actually took place. But now there is … [Read more...]

Weekend tip: Visit the MoBA Fashion Biennale in Arnhem

Shoes, Fashion- Biennale and Fetish at the MoBA13  These are the ingredients of the blog that I may write especially  for Louise's 30s magazine. I’m Iris from  C-More’s  interieuradvies.  How exciting! It's hard to keep track of how many times I've visited Moba13  in the last few weeks. At my blog interieuradvies.blogspot.nl I already covered several parts of the exhibition, but the shoes I saved for Louise! Moba is a bi-annual event in Arnhem, that puts a limelight on contemporary … [Read more...]

Taste of Culture

It's Monday again, and I'm still  recuperating from a bustling weekend in my hometown. In the first weekend of July there is always the kick off for a month full of activities in the historical center of Leiden. Starting the last Thursday of June, for four days you can enjoy all the attractions of the annual Laken Festival; there’s the Crazy Boat procession, the cloth and bric-à-brac market, the dragon boat race and many live music performances. But what I like most are the annual Food Festival, … [Read more...]