Weekend tip: Visit the MoBA Fashion Biennale in Arnhem

Shoes, Fashion- Biennale and Fetish at the MoBA13 

These are the ingredients of the blog that I may write especially  for Louise’s 30s magazine. I’m Iris from  C-More’s  interieuradvies.  How exciting! It’s hard to keep track of how many times I’ve visited Moba13  in the last few weeks. At my blog interieuradvies.blogspot.nl I already covered several parts of the exhibition, but the shoes I saved for Louise!

Moba is a bi-annual event in Arnhem, that puts a limelight on contemporary international fashion and lifestyle, fashion design and fashion culture. At various places in the city there are exhibits that map out and bring together the passionate connection between the public and fashion. Exhibitions, fashion shows, films, workshops, performances, publications and symposia. This 5th edition was curated by curator Lidewij Edelkoort, with the theme Fetishism in Fashion. 

 Moba13 can be visited until  the 21st of July 2013.

MoBA13 Shoes By C-More's interieuradvies.blogspot30
Lady Gaga on heel-less shoes

Shoes, fashion and fetishism, in one way or another they belong together.

So there were several events and exhibitions dedicated to the theme.  At the main location of MoBA13 in the Auditorium, there is a separate exhibit titled ELEVATION  compiled by Co Curators Marijke Bruggink and Marlie Witteveen of LOLA PAGOLA.

Then there is the mini-expo: “Shoes That Made Moves” in DUDOK, where some pairs of big name designers  as Iris Herpen, Rem D Koolhaas, Jan Janssen are shown. ( See below for more foto’s.)

Last but not least, there was the special “SHOES SHOES SHOES“, an evening with more in depth and personal stories about the shoe, where the ladies of Lola Pagola gave a detailed explanation into the expo ELEVATION, read the full story below. Shoemaker Rene van den Berg literally showed  how his special shoe design for Eelko Moorer, was established. See the red shoe with the heel at the front.

moba 2013 - shoes
left: Rene van den Berg for Eelko Moorer, right: Iris Schieferstein

Artist Iris Schieferstein took us by the hand and gave us a glimpse of the ins and outs of her very personal art projects, in which she uses real animals and which she prepares completely herself, from skin to bone. (See photo of the hoof-shoe). Mark Smits told about the very intense and inspiring search for THE ultimate shoes for his shoe shop. Marloes ten Bhömer showed us in the cinema a presentation abouth analysing shoes, but even more the foot, the walking process and what kind of  shoe could fit best. And Liza Snook of the “Virtual Shoe Museum”  literally spread her shoes passion on the floor, by showing us a collage of footage on the ground: and that was just the tip of the iceberg from the huge collection of images that she has collected.


ELEVATION is not without reason chosen as the title by Marijke Bruggink and Marlie Witteveen of LOLAPAGOLA. The love for shoes and our desire to “elevate” is here fully expressed.

Special formed footwear, not necessarily walkable, are shown on a number of displays and are  ordered by category. A journey through a world from past to present, from stelts  to stilettos.

One of the themed displays ABSURDISM
One of the themed displays ABSURDISM
left: Marloes ten Bhömerright: Roderick Pieters
left: Marloes ten Bhömer right: Roderick Pieters


Stilts and clogs were worn in the past by various cultures for several reasons. For protection but also to rise themselves above the rest. Designers nowadays still play with this theme.

left: Roland Segalinright: Buffalo
left: Roland Segalin right: Buffalo


Platform shoes, much worn in the 70’s, but also absurdly high Venetian shoes, that required support by a carrier, to be able to walk at all. For fashionistas and pop stars a big source of inspiration.

iris van herpen


The fashion designer Iris van Herpen and some other designers have ventured themselves to a new shape for the high heel. A very special part of the shoe, knowing that stilettos are as young as the beginning of last century! Before then, they simpley couldn’t be created.

new heels
right: Noritaka Tatehana


In these extreme shapes, the theme Fetishism is most expressed. Shoes that actually are (just) not wearable anymore and explore the boundaries of helplessness and vulnerability of the wearer. A fascination of designers, in the past and present.

Kei KagamiJoyce Verhagen
Kei Kagami – Joyce Verhagen


New shapes arise from combinations of known elements. A ladies and gentlemen shoe in one piece, My Little Pony meets Lady Gaga….. New technologies create new combinations

clockwise: Lola Pagola’ s corset shoes with Brigitte Bardot on the heel, Anna Korshun, Miriam van Weeghei
clockwise: Lola Pagola’ s corset shoes with Brigitte Bardot on the heel, Anna Korshun, Miriam van Weeghei


A selection of shoes that gave the term “shoe” a different turn.

Hester Vlamings
Hester Vlamings

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