Perfect Peonies

This might be the last week that you can get peonies. The peonies season is coming to an end. They are in my top 5 of favourite flowers, in any colour really. I like them most just before they start to wither because then the petals are a bit wrinkled and they are perking in full galore. So get them while you still can!

peonies pink peonies in vase pink peonies

IMG_1479ed IMG_1480ed


  1. I soooo much agree! They’re my birthday-flowers (5th of june), but this year they weren’t there yet because of the bad spring. Thanks for the reminder, I’ll get some while it’s still possible. The pink ones you have are superb! Have a nice day!

  2. They are totally my all time favorite flowers! I wish they were a little easier to grow or I would have a garden full of them really. Gorgeous!

  3. gorgeous photos!


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