Summer evening dessert

If you are on a diet, stop reading now. The following recipe is very very bad, but also very very sweet. Don’t you just love to indulge in dessert with coffee in your garden or on your balcony on a sultry summer evening? While you listen to the chirping birds, and feel a cooling summer breeze, you nip at your coffee and then you think: I have a sweet tooth, let’s see what I can whip up quickly. That’s what happened to me last night, so I rummaged in my fridge and found left over vanilla cream and raspberry coulis from another recipe, raspberries, and american pancakes. So I just started stacking the ingredients and voila, I had my guilty pleasure. Since the pancakes are warm, the cream will melt, which makes it even better.

breakfast on balcony guilty pleasure IMG_1925ed IMG_1930ed pancakes with raspberries


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