Chocolate Cake with Figs jam and Pears Poached in Spiced Red Wine

chocolate cake with poached pears in red wine

Dark and gloomy days are always an incentive to start baking cakes. And with Christmas coming soon, I thought it would be nice to share a dessert recipe. I combined three flavours that are quintessentially winter essentials: chocolate, figs, and poached pears. There are so many good recipes for poached pears, e.g orange-spiced poached pears, […]

Pannacotta with warm honey-baked figs

It’s figs season and I wish it was all year round. Figs are so healthy and have such a delicate flavour and structure. They are basically good at any time of day, for breakfast with porridge, in a lunch salad with prosciutto, for dinner with duck, and as dessert on a cheese platter. I was excited […]

Orange, Cranberries & Persimmon Clafoutis

The quintessential French dessert is clafoutis with cherries. A luke warm flan best served with a scoop of ice-cream or a cup of coffee. However, you can make clafoutis with any fruit you like, or even with veggies if you prefer a savoury clafoutis. I decided to make a typical Christmas inspired clafoutis with three […]

Spring dessert: Red berry jelly with vanilla cream

Summer is near but not quite here yet. That’s why I love to create desserts that lure to summer with the flavours of those sultry mid-summer nights: sweet, fresh but with a zesty undertone. The simplest dessert to make is a strawberry jelly with red gooseberries and topped with raspberries and vanilla cream. You prepare […]

Spring dessert: Red fruit Clafoutis

It’s going to be a spectacular weekend folks! High temperatures, blue skies and lots of sun beams are in store for us. I know a lot of you will bring out the barbecue, go to the beach or rent a boat to hit the lakes. And when you are eating outdoors, there is no better […]

Orange-spiced Poached Pears

Pears abundant at the supermarkets. Poached pears are quintessentially Christmas, either as dessert with ice cream, or paired with beef or turkey as a beautiful side dish. Yesterday I made orange-spice poached pears. The good thing about poached pears is that you can make them in advance and easily preserve them for later. It’s easy […]

Buttercream Christmas trees

Christmas is the international accepted excuse to indulge in everything that is bad for your figure. So if you’re going to sin, let’s do it abundantly! Ever had Christmas trees made of puff pastry, filled with ice cream and covered with butter cream? It’s so easy to make! My cream design does need some work, […]