A Day Trip to Holland’s Fruit Garden, the Betuwe

I love to be outside in nature to enjoy summer’s flowers, green landscapes and the smell of the season. A perfect day trip for the weekend or your staycation is an excursion to the Dutch Fruit Garden, the Betuwe. Usually I go to the Betuwe in spring to do my annual blossom tour. The region […]

Spring dessert: Red berry jelly with vanilla cream

Summer is near but not quite here yet. That’s why I love to create desserts that lure to summer with the flavours of those sultry mid-summer nights: sweet, fresh but with a zesty undertone. The simplest dessert to make is a strawberry jelly with red gooseberries and topped with raspberries and vanilla cream. You prepare […]

Spring dessert: Red fruit Clafoutis

It’s going to be a spectacular weekend folks! High temperatures, blue skies and lots of sun beams are in store for us. I know a lot of you will bring out the barbecue, go to the beach or rent a boat to hit the lakes. And when you are eating outdoors, there is no better […]

Freshly picked

It’s that time of the year again! The Pick Your Own (PYO) farms are open to the public again (in Dutch: zelfpluktuin). And I’m an avid harvester. Moreover, in summer I hardly buy any fruit in the supermarket or at the farmers market. I go to the PYO farm weekly to pick my own fresh […]

Summer evening dessert

If you are on a diet, stop reading now. The following recipe is very very bad, but also very very sweet. Don’t you just love to indulge in dessert with coffee in your garden or on your balcony on a sultry summer evening? While you listen to the chirping birds, and feel a cooling summer […]

A Summer cocktail with Roses and Raspberry

Today I’m over at my American blog-friend’s blog Joyful Scribblings with a guest post. Dawn asked me to share an article on her blog while she is on holiday, so I chose to share my self-invented Roses and Raspberry Cocktail┬árecipe with her readers. And since it’s so good, I couldn’t keep it from my own […]

Vanilla Cream with Raspberry Coulis

Only a few more weeks and I can pick my own raspberries again. Due to the long winter the harvest is a bit later this year. But I’m really looking forward to my outings to the pick your own farms. Here in the Netherlands there are plenty. I’m keeping a close eye on their websites […]