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It’s that time of the year again! The Pick Your Own (PYO) farms are open to the public again (in Dutch: zelfpluktuin). And I’m an avid harvester. Moreover, in summer I hardly buy any fruit in the supermarket or at the farmers market. I go to the PYO farm weekly to pick my own fresh fruit and vegetables. The one closest to my home is in Abbenes. You can pick your own cherries (different races by the way), strawberries (also different races), raspberries, blackberries, red currants, gooseberries, tomatoes, green beans, beets and peppers and quince. And beginning of fall also plums (see my blog post about that here). The  flavours are amazing and everything is much more tasty.

They also have freshly picked lavender and sweet peas, and flowers and herbs in the farmer’s store. And after all that harvesting in the summer heat, you have to get a cone with their ice-cream made with their own fruit! The PYO farm is my weekly moment of zen. It’s so relaxing and fulfilling to pick your own produce. Just google your nearest PYO farm. (Dutch: zelfplukken, zelfpluktuin) and experience it yourself! I bet you will get hooked just like me.

For more pictures also see my blogpost A Day at the Pick Your Own Farm which I wrote last year.

freshly picked picked cherries


berries blackberries quince raspberries in progress raspberries not ripe yet raspberry blossom

fresh fruit raspberries and cherries

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  1. I love PYO farms. We used to have one down the road from our house when I was growing up and i have fond memories of wondering the rows and picking away to our hearts content. So fun. Great pictures!

    1. Thanks Will! Must have been great growing up near a PYO farm. The kids I see at mine and my nephew and niece are always so happy. And it teaches them where their food comes from too. Are there any near London you can go to?

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