Rotterdam hot spot: Lof der Zoetheid

Lof der Zoetheid, which means ‘Hymn of Sweetness’ , is my new favourite place to have lunch or tea in Rotterdam. Tucked away in the eclectic area in the north of the city, refered to as “Zwaanshals”, it’s a great place to start or end your day before or after you hit the busy streets of the modern city center. It’s a place to indulge in homemade sweet and savoury delicacies, unpretentious and with a simple flair.  The “Zwaanshals” is to many still an unexplored neighbourhood, but I come there quite often for my cooking gear at the largest cooking store of the Netherlands a few doors down the street, and to visit my favourite ceramics designer Suus from Noot & zo.



Owners are mother and daughter Anastasia and Elena de Ruyter. Anastasia is a cook and graphic designer, Elena a true pastry chef. Their menu changes with the seasons. In winter they serve e.g. warm beef with mustard or meatballs and in summer salads with raspberry dressing and goat cheese or mackarel.  All dishes are served on ceramics with prints designed by Anastasia. The daily fresh pastries are to die for. On a vintage school board they announce the cakes. When you order a salad or bread you get these delicious hot out of the oven buns. I love it!


The interior design is nostalgic and reminiscent of a biology class room with vintage school chairs with the names still on the back, vintage biography posters and vintage apothecary bottles. The salad dressings are served in mini vintage laboratory bottles. Even the flowers are arranged in oversized laboratory bottles. The menu is printed on old black and white photographs and relaxing music fills the space from a vintage record player. Lof der Zoetheid, a hotspot to have breakfast, lunch or high-tea!



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