Hotspot Valencia: Bluebell Coffee

Bluebell Coffee Valencia

The best place for Sunday brunch, and a popular healthy food spot in Valencia is Bluebell Coffee. The cosy hotspot with a sunny courtyard garden is situated in the Ruzafa neighbourhood in Carrer de Buenos Aires no.3.  For breakfast and brunch you can choose from different smoothies, an acai bowl, pancakes, and granola, just to name a few. During lunch they serve delicious salads, avocado sandwiches and more. Besides that everything is super yummie, it is also presented in a pretty way with … [Read more...]

Top 5 Favourite Breakfast spots in Paris

Ob-La-Di Paris

The more I get to know Paris, the more I like it. The charm of the city already captivates me early in the morning when I go out for breakfast. Whether you go to a small coffee place, or a hip restaurant, having breakfast in Paris is always special. I love how laid-back and paced they enjoy their first meal of the day. The coffee is always good, and well, I don't have to explain how good their bread and pastries are. Today I would like to share my 5 favourite spots for breakfast so far, because … [Read more...]

Paper Planes serves LA style breakfast in Amsterdam

paper planes Amsterdam breakfast brunch spot

A pop-up breakfast place that has been the talk of the town in Amsterdam is Paper Planes. This hip rock star breakfast bar serves yummy LA food on changing locations. When I went to this cool Amsterdam hotspot, Paper Planes was housed in Nacional (and will be until Feb 2016).  The interior of Nacional is noteworthy, but let's talk food first!  Don't you sometimes just wish you could eat breakfast or brunch all day long? Well, that's possible at this LA food joint! All day breakfast and lunch in … [Read more...]

Sunday brunch at Bluespoon in Amsterdam

Bluespoon Amsterdam

Sundays are for relaxing and recharging for the week ahead. A few weeks ago I got inspired by a walk along the ring of canals in the lovely Jordaan neighborhood in Amsterdam. At the Prince's Canal (Prinsengracht), one of the most beautiful canals in Amsterdam, the Bluespoon Restaurant & Bar is housed in the 5-star boutique Andaz hotel. The Andaz in Amsterdam is quite different from the Andaz London (featured on 30s Magazine a few years ago). What they do have in common is that they are both … [Read more...]

Celebrating Advent in the second week

Advent brunch

Happy second Sunday of Advent! I hope you all had a nice first week of Advent. Even if you're not Christian, or aren't practicing your faith, I think the Advent weeks are something to celebrate. I made it my own tradition to do so. I celebrate the coming of Christ, but also the coming of the 25th as a day of joy, love and peace. I do this by making an Advent calendar, lighting the four candles on my advent wreath, and by traditionally trimming the tree on the first Sunday of Advent. But also by … [Read more...]

Haarlem hot spot: Restaurant Meneer Frans

Haarlem is one of the most fun cities to go on a day trip. Besides the picturesque streets that are adorned by flower pots and blooming trees and bushes, it is also the best place to shop and eat. There are plenty of boutiques, conceptstores and nice coffee bars, not to mention the many good restaurants. Restaurant Meneer Frans is a hidden gem in the center of the city. The restaurant houses in a stately historic building. In the front of the building you'll find interior and home decor shop Van … [Read more...]

A Plants and Floral Themed Lunch

A while ago I attended a trend seminar and lunch organized by The joy of plants (Dutch websites: Mooi wat bloemen doen & Mooi wat planten doen), an initiative by The Flower Council of Holland. As you know, flowers are one of my little luxuries I can't live without. I regularly post pictures and blog posts about my bouquets, flowers, and flower picking. For me it is a life necessity. Not a week goes by that I don't buy flowers. I also love plants and enjoy participating in the urban jungle … [Read more...]