Trevi Fountain

Rome in 4 days – Day 4: The famous landmarks + Shopping in Via del Corso

On my last day in Rome, I checked off the historical landmarks and Rome’s most popular highlights in the old city center; Pigna and Colonna. I’m talking about the places we all know from articles and stories that need no introduction; the Spanish Steps, The Pantheon, and the Trevi Fountain.  At night, I returned to the Trevi Fountain to experience its magnitude once more.

Trevi Fountain

Spanish Steps Rome



Not far from the Trevi Fountain there’s the famous chocolate shop Venchi where you can indulge in chocolate ice cream, hot chocolate, or crèpes with chocolate. Or buy a beautiful tin box or wrapped box of chocolates for the home front.

But there was also time to do some serious shopping in Via del Corso, the longest shopping street in Rome. Don’t miss the Sordi Gallery; first and foremost to admire the historical Roman building, a project unveiled in 1922.  Its architecture conveys elegance so it’s no surprise that it’s filled with chic Romans taking a stroll, having a coffee and shopping in elegant boutiques.

This concludes my 4 days in Rome travel tips. To cherish this beautiful trip, I made a 3-minute round-up video of all the highlights. Watch it below!

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