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Christmas parties and receptions are a lot of fun but also a major drain on the host who has to prepare all the food and drinks. So for all those who don’t want to slave over the stove I have the perfect solution. The luxe tartines from Lukowitz are your answer to wow your guests with something original and delicious. Tartines have been around since the nineteenth century when it was quite fashionable to serve small handcrafted sandwiches. Nowadays they are mostly known from France cuisine, topped with tomatoes, but there are so many versatile ways to prepare them.

The tartines from Lukowitz are visually stunning, handcrafted sandwiches made to order. They will hands down add some glam and sophistication to your party or reception.  The flavours are well-balanced and the ingredients fresh and carefully sourced. For example, the fish is MSC certified which means it is sustainable caught. You can choose and order the tartines in their online shop. Below each tartine you can read the allergens info.

I tried three of them and I have to say, they were super fresh and full of flavour!  I tried the Ummah which looks like a chocolate mousse cake but is actually black bean hummus with salted orange, red onion pickle in raspberry vinegar, sumac dukkah, and fried leek. The soft texture of the hummes that melts in your mouth combined with the sweet and sour onion pickle and the sumac dukkah is a winning combination.

tartine with black bean hummus

I also enjoyed the Scandinavia even though I’m not a fan of beetroot at all. The pickled beetroot slices are combined with dill caviar, liquorice Skyr mousse and beetroot graviax. The crunch and the soft silky mousse go so well together!

The Franc Tireurs was my third tartine. Topped with asparagus, a quail egg, ham and sauce gribiche. This one was my least favourite but only because the other two were so refined and surprising.

There are a few more to choose from, all picture perfect. They are also great for vegetarians and vegans which saves you a lot of hassle too. Have a look at their website for a complete overview of their menu. And if you can’t choose there is always the Chef’s box with a mix of tartines.

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