Weekendtip: Salon Residence

This weekend (Sep 28-Oct 1) interior design magazine Residence organizes its second Salon Residence event. After the successful edition in 2015 – see my blog here – they once again transform the Singer Museum in Laren into an inspirational interior design showcase. This year the theme is ‘Boutique Hotel’. Eighteen renowned interior designers decorated their own bespoke space.

Why the theme ’boutique hotel’?

Hotels have become the designer’s preferred form of presenting him/herself. Hotels are now more than just places to sleep when travelling. They are sources of decor inspiration. Besides sleeping there we also lounge and eat in hotels, or use their spas. Hotels are experiences. Salon Residence taps into that shift and asked 18 designers to give their take on a specific space.

From a minimalist hotel suite, timeless lobby to a glamourous cocktailbar or seventies library. Using varying styles, art and top notch brands, the designers all show their own signature style. This year’s designers are: Brecht Murré Atelier, Clairz Interior Design, Decoration Empire, Eveline Interieur, Framework Studio, HIP Studio, Judith van Mourik, Kate Hume, Kees Marcelis, Linda Lagrand, RA. Studio, Remy Meijers, Robert Kolenik,
Roelfien Vos, Ruud van Oosterhout, Stock Interiors, Studio Mariska Jagt en Wolterinck Laren.


For the complete programme, head over to the website. There is so much more to do and see! Think presentations by Tricia Guild, Pierre Frey
en Marcel Wanders, trends forecasting, and art expos. Also stop by the Room of the Future where Robert Kolenik has decorated a room with sustainable materials and state of the art technology integrated in the design elements.

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