Weekendtip: Salon Residence

This weekend (Sep 28-Oct 1) interior design magazine Residence organizes its second Salon Residence event. After the successful edition in 2015 - see my blog here - they once again transform the Singer Museum in Laren into an inspirational interior design showcase. This year the theme is 'Boutique Hotel'. Eighteen renowned interior designers decorated their own bespoke space. Why the theme 'boutique hotel'? Hotels have become the designer's preferred form of presenting him/herself. … [Read more...]

Salon Residence, a 4 day interior inspiration event

I'm still in awe after visiting the Salon Residence interior inspiration event in Laren on Thursday evening. As I have mentioned in interviews (see here) and on my blog in the past, Dutch home decor magazine Residence is one of my favourite magazines, so I was beyond excitement when I found out that they were organizing a 3D experience of the magazine. In fact, you may call it a 4D experience as there are also various home scents at the event. From 10-14 September you get to step into a dream … [Read more...]