Salon Residence, a 4 day interior inspiration event

I’m still in awe after visiting the Salon Residence interior inspiration event in Laren on Thursday evening. As I have mentioned in interviews (see here) and on my blog in the past, Dutch home decor magazine Residence is one of my favourite magazines, so I was beyond excitement when I found out that they were organizing a 3D experience of the magazine. In fact, you may call it a 4D experience as there are also various home scents at the event. From 10-14 September you get to step into a dream house of which all 20 rooms are designed and styled by the cream of the crop of Dutch and Belgian interior designers and architects. From Piet Boon, to Jan & Monique des Bouvrie, Marcel Wolterinck and Roelfien Vos, just to name a few.
salon residence

Salon Residence is a boutique fair, held in museum Singer in Laren where you get to experience and draw inspiration from different designers. Besides the dream house and its 20 rooms, there are also lectures, masterclasses, and luncheons with the design masters. The objective of Salon Residence is on the one hand to show that interior design is like fashion, or haute couture in this case. It is personal and unique, and should tell your story. On the other hand Salon Residence is also a showcase of new interior trends and a platform for various design launches like e.g. the new paint label Incredulous Colours by Roelfien Vos, or HIP Studio’s new modern light chandeliers.

So what are the key trends visible at Salon Residence?

  • International glamour and allure: rich materials like velvet, brass, marble, copper and gold. Bespoke furniture with a haute couture feel and look. Influences from the Hollywood Regency style but with a contemporary finish. References to series like Mad Men. But also more decorations, colours and texture.
  • Wallpaper as a statement: art deco patterns like lush tropical prints and geometric forms
  • Natural materials like wood, wool, steel and stone
  • The colour blue, the trend colour for AW 2015/2016 for home decor as well as in retail and hospitality.

Salon Residence

Although all 20 designers did an excellent job in creating a jaw-dropping interior, I had a few personal favourites that I would like to share. First is HIP Studio. who created a study. The room is spot on with the art deco trend. They made use of many striking colours and glamourous materials like brass and velvet. The inner garden is visualized by a wall of thousands chrysanthemums designed by Menno Kroon. This room was my favourite room.

IMG_8259IMG_8255IMG_8425IMG_8417Salon ResidenceIMG_8247

The corridor is a design by Ethnic Chic. The design studio’s signature is ‘out of the ordinary’ and avant garde design. I love the Asian theme going on in this space, a trend that is still at the beginning but will bloom in 2016-2017…mark my words!

Salon ResidenceIMG_8385IMG_8393

Eveline Schmitz created a gorgeous dining room. She mixes colours and patterns, and embraces the tropical trend as well as the colour blue and rich materials trend like marble and brass.

salon residenceIMG_8295IMG_8407IMG_8301IMG_8300

The bedroom designed by Brecht Murré is just amazing. Antiques and ethnic influences make this room very personal and warm.

Salon Residence IMG_8331IMG_8333IMG_8337IMG_8332

Roelfien Vos created a kitchen to live in and where the lush tropical paradise trend is prevalent and in full galore. Look at those dining chairs! Or what about that moss wall?

salon residenceIMG_8279Salon ResidenceIMG_8276IMG_8284IMG_8282

A chic and very Hollywood Regency-like boudoir is designed by Hilde Cornelissen.

IMG_8319 IMG_8321 IMG_8323 IMG_8324 IMG_8328

I love how Jan & Monique des Bouvrie mix Hollywood Regency style elements with contemporary designs and art deco prints. Very typical of Monique is the addition of something quirky, fun and popping.

Jan des BouvrieIMG_8374IMG_8377IMG_8378IMG_8376

And my last but not least favourite room is the Experience Travel room by Clairz interior design. African art and tribal art combined with natural colours and materials make this room also one of my favourites. I love the grouped juju hats.

IMG_8361 IMG_8362 IMG_8365 IMG_8368

This is not even half of what there is to see at boutique fair Salon Residence. It is truly a must-see! 10-14 September 2015, Singer Museum in Laren.

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