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Plants are currently the biggest trend in home decor as well as in styling of shops and restaurants. But if you don’t have a green thumb, and still would like to add some green into your interior, art pieces of plants are an excellent alternative. This month’s urban jungle bloggers challenge was to show how you can style plants and art in your interior. (The urban jungle bloggers challenge is a monthly challenge for international bloggers who can join the community freely to share and promote styling with plants in home decor)

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I have two beautiful botanical prints that add colour and green to the space. The first print is a botanical art piece by Hanneke van de Pol, visual designer and artist. I’m a huge fan of her illustrations. I first encountered her art in The Loft a few weeks ago. Hanneke prints her work on either canvas or on, what I have, 310 gr Hahnemuhle fine art paper. Her designs are printed with special pigment inks which creates the deep and striking colours. Her botanical art collection is a detailed depiction of vintage botanicals, that she put under a looking glass and opens up into detail. Plants and flowers are given a whole new and interesting view. To see more of her work go to or follow her on instagram 


The second botanical print is an original print from the Hemp Museum Amsterdam Collection reproduced on fine hemp paper. Hemp usually evokes a negative connotation as people relate it to drug use. But in fact, it has been a medicinal plant for ages, and has nourishing as well as healing properties when used correctly. Did you even know you can make hemp yarn and paper? There is so much to know and learn about this plant.

IMG_8229-2 IMG_8233-2

I still have to find nice frames for the two prints. For now they are on the wall with washi tape. And since I don’t have a green thumb, they are my green plants in my home decor that will never wither.

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  1. Haha true, this botanical art won’t wither, perfect if you travel a lot too! But I’m sure you can keep your orchids alive, Louise. They seem to be in great shape!

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