My Tropical Balcony

In summer I love having breakfast and dinner on my small balcony. To hold on to the tropical weather of my travels to the Côte d’Azur, I chose to decorate my balcony differently this year. I chose only tropical plants, like a banana plant, an Anthurium, and Calla flowers. The lush greenery pairs perfectly with […]

Plants & Art

Plants are currently the biggest trend in home decor as well as in styling of shops and restaurants. But if you don’t have a green thumb, and still would like to add some green into your interior, art pieces of plants are an excellent alternative. This month’s urban jungle bloggers challenge was to show how […]

Inspiring work space: #Workmode in Amsterdam

Going back to work doesn’t have to be a downer. Moreover, for the people who have a work space at #Workmode in Amsterdam going to work is rather a happy moment. Imagine working in an Amsterdam canal town house in a shared space with other freelancers, creatives, and independent business owners that looks like a […]

Hot spot Leiden: Lot & de Walvis

Residents of Leiden and its surroundings are flocking to a new hip restaurant in the city: Lot & de walvis, which means Lot and the whale. The restaurant is located a stone throw away from the Leidse Poort, with a waterfront outside terrace overlooking the harbour with its many leisure boats. The best thing is that […]

Hanging Plants in Flora Pockets

I’m so excited about this month’s urban jungle bloggers challenge. For those who recently tuned in, the urban jungle bloggers challenge is a monthly assignment to promote and show how house plants can be used and styled in your interior. Tens of bloggers from around the globe participate in the monthly challenge and you can […]

2015 Trends for decorating with plants and flowers

Yesterday I showed you the first part of a Trend luncheon I attended, organized by The joy of plants (Dutch websites: Mooi wat bloemen doen & Mooi wat planten doen), an initiative by The Flower Council of Holland. Today, I would like to talk about what I learnt that afternoon: the trends for decorating with plants and flowers for […]

A Plant Shelfie in the Bedroom

Do you have plants in your bedroom? I didn’t, until I was inspired by the Urban Jungle Bloggers challenge. Plants cheer up every space and purify the air so what better accessory is there to spruce up your bedroom and give it a fresh new look? Accessorizing your bedroom is easily done. If you have […]