A Plant Shelfie in the Bedroom

Do you have plants in your bedroom? I didn’t, until I was inspired by the Urban Jungle Bloggers challenge. Plants cheer up every space and purify the air so what better accessory is there to spruce up your bedroom and give it a fresh new look? Accessorizing your bedroom is easily done. If you have as many designer shoes like me, you can just display those. Combined with grouped plants, candles and some fashion books your shoes become pieces of art. Especially in winter, when I spend more hours in the bedroom watching a movie in bed, or reading magazines on a Sunday morning, the look over to the corner with my plants and shoes make it extra cozy. My plant styling has the eco-luxe trend look: combining luxury with eco, raw and rustic. Put exquisite, stylish plants or flowers in a raw container or the other way round to get the look.plants in bedroomplants groupedIMG_3613ed

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  1. What a wonderful line-up of plants, Louise! And you’ve well combined the last two Urban Jungle Bloggers topics in one!

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