Sharing food with friends at Cocolo Ramen in Berlin

Berlin is boasting with good restaurants, cafes and bars. During my visit I caught up with Munich based blogger Igor from Happy Interior blog who happened to be in Berlin at the exact same time. We decided to have dinner in Kreuzberg. Igor knew the perfect place, the Paul Lincke Ufer, where a variety of restaurants and lively terraces are lined up along the canal. We were drawn to a bustling restaurant which entrance  was lit up by red Japanese lanterns. It was the newly opened Japanese restaurant Cocolo Ramen. [continue reading after the photo]

japanese lanterns

Cocolo Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup restaurant. They serve a variety of noodle soups, small Japanese starters, and Japanese cocktails with sake. You can choose from varying broths like soy-based Shoyu to the one I had: spicy TanTan. It is evident that much love goes into the food, how fitting cause the name cocolo means “heart” in Japanese. But let’s talk decor first. The space is so cool! Soft pinkish brick walls, bare pipes, and rustic picnic tables make the space raw and easy accessible. On the walls there are Japanese ink illustrations. [continue reading after photos]

cocolo ramen berlin design

cocolo ramen restaurant

There is an open kitchen and a bar in Japanese design. What immediately caught my eye were the lamps that seemed to be coffee filter paper around a socket. How inventive. In the evening small votives with tealights and Japanese paper around it, are lit up and give the place a cozy atmosphere. A red Japanese sign, meaning “sake” completes the whole experience. [continue after photos]

cocolo ramen Berlin

coffee filter lamp

liquor in japanese


The food is fabulous! Everything is fresh and homemade, including the broth and noodles. The meat is grilled in the open kitchen and fills up the space with a delicious smell. I had a rice liquor with fresh grapefruit juice. As a starter I ordered kakuni which is sweet pork with pickled ginger and spring onions. As a main I had the Tantan, a very spicy noodle soup with spicy minced meat, corn and sprouts. All the food and drinks are served in rustic earthenware. [continue reading after photos]

japanese sweet pork

spicy soupspicy noodle soup

Now I have a very strange habit, but whenever I visit a fabulous design hotel or restaurant, I always go and check out the toilets because usually those are as much design as the rest. And so I did. The toilet at Cocolo Ramen was just as cool as the restaurant with a very raw and rustic look. I loved the sinks which are flat copper coloured. It threw me off for a minute because I wondered where the water would go if I turned on the faucet.

What more can I say then GO to Cocolo Ramen when you’re in Berlin. It’s worth it! – Paul Lincker Ufer 39-40, open Mon-Sat 12-24 hrs, Sun 18-24 hrs



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